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how internet changed our life in pandemic

how internet changed our life in pandemic

The Coronavirus has changed the world’s plan of action for the time being:

We’ve been asked for self-quarantined, social distancing, work from home or left with no place to as a business shutter. This is the proof of Coronavirus has changed the world.

It has been a pure habit for everyone to look hard at our finances due to economic and societal crises. We are making sure by looking after: what’s coming in, what’s going out, and what amount is in reserve funds. One thing that will definitely be in mind is spending, putting away extra money, and playing a major role in our financial future. 

It has reduced most optional spending, which has affected some industries, for example, eateries, clothing, footwear, travel, and amusement out of the home.

Every one of them is in the lockdown situation as per the government guidelines, which is probably helping to reduce spending and have more savings.

Industries hits econamically because of coronavirus


As far as behaviour changes, there is a rise in online buying, specifically for food supplies, is critical. Among all the demographics, there is an enormous segment of buyers who attempted online grocery shopping for the first time during Lockdown. And many will probably keep on purchasing to buy groceries online, at least as the pandemic proceeds.

There is one more major change found among people is stockpiling”. People have purchased things in bulk rather than having well-stocked which lead to scarcity for some other people.

In the post-COVID-19 situation,

do you think people will spend people thousands of money on gym rather than running outside for the long term? Will the foodie lover be more visiting fancy restaurants or eat at home more? Will eager moviegoers are okay with Netflix/Amazon binge watch instead of often multiplex visits?

This crisis has been a huge impact on our life for the long term with spending and saving pattern. Spending on luxuries will be redundant. We will observe a bigger cultural change in our lives due to such a history as we are passing through this new normal.

It has always become convenient and easy to buy something these days, due to readily available products and services online. The Internet has become a very good friend of everyone. One of the traditional ways of booking cylinder is to call on some toll number and book it, which is quite time-consuming.

They keep the call on hold for quite a long time, but these days it has become easy by just simple clicks using the app. With just two clicks you get your cylinder at home without even time-wasting. Online services and products have made are lifeless stressful and feasible.

Unlock 3.0

In the phase of Unlock 3.0, people are still trying their hands on to buy online or adapt the digital approach. We can see a huge trend of people shifting it online. During the pandemic, it has also changed the pattern of consulting a Doctor.

It has requested for online appointments with doctors and consults them over a video call. To make this process easy, we would recommend using the service ehealth102, which helps to store, save and share medical records online.

Benefits of Online Need of Reports
Benefits of Personal Health Records


The primary motto at ehealth102 is to provide quick services informational services to the patients as well as the doctors. Within this pandemic situation, where the entire world is at risk including Indians.

And the one thing we Indians lack is to manage the paperwork of our medical history. Patients are not having electronic health records handy. And when the doctors ask for their past treatments, they don’t have any written records with them. It becomes proficient enough to explain to the doctors about the technicality of their medical history.

Therefore the need for ehealth102 is even more, as it can provide Doctors with their medical reports and history at any time, anywhere in a flick of some seconds. This would help the patients save their time to reschedule the doctors’ appointment and enlighten the doctors with the exact details of the history.

We can share an example:

Mr X was infected with Covid-19. The moment his reports turned positive, the government contacted him and arrived at his residence to pick him up. Due to the sudden panic, he forgot to take his medical records along with him. All he had with him was his phone and a PPE kit that the officers hurriedly wrapped him up in and took him.

At the COVID centre, he was asked about his pre-existing medical conditions. He knew that 5 years he had undergone angioplasty and therefore also had issues with blood pressure.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know the name of the artery that he had his stent placed. Also, he didn’t get his files along with him due to the panic and emergency situation. That is when he realized that he had already signed up for our services and used it.

Within the next 3 minutes, all the reports of his angioplasty were on his doctor’s phone and laptop including his x-ray copies and CT scan copies.

This not only saved Mr.X’s relatives from spending time to retrieve the 5-year-old reports and documents, infect resulted in immediate initialization of the treatment of Mr X.

 Let’s Switch to online medical records and make our life easy. Coronavirus has also changed plan for Mr. X

What’s your take on that? Please comment below and let us know! Share your story as well, if you have face the same.

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