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Everything you must know about eHealth in 2020

view my medical records online

view my medical records online

online medical records and online health records

eHealth is a very broad term and it covers a vast part of the health care industry in recent times,
the word eHealth is spreading like a wildfire across the globe within a very less time
people have started to adopt the technology in health care as fast and efficiently they can people around the world are thriving to impulse better and innovative technology in the field of medical and health care, while there are nations who have barely started to learn about eHealth
in this article, we are going to learn all about eHealth like

  1. basic terminology
  2. process of eHealth
  3. advantages of using eHealth
  4. cautions to be taken while using eHealth
  5. current usage of eHealth
  6. tools to use eHealth, and also the
  7. few websites and applications which provide the best eHealth services

so before we talk about anything further, comment and tell me if you have ever heard the term eHealth or online medical records system while visiting doctors, hospitals or laboratories, first 15 comments will get featured on our website for active participation

1. Basic terminology about eHealth

so let’s get started by learning some basic terminology/abbreviations related to eHealth

eHealth encapsulates a very wide terminology and to list down a few we have

a. EHealth

eHealth the term means the use of internet technology in the field of medical and health industry

b. EHR

EHR stands for Electronic Health Records, it is a complete health record of an individual which is stored and recorded in an electronic form on the internet or a dedicated system, or a website like ehealth102, it is used in clinics, hospitals, laboratories, pathologies, etc EHR is often interchanged with EMR which we will learn next

c. EMR

Electronic Medical records (EMR), it is only the medical-related record of an individual that is stored and recorded in an electronic form on the internet or a dedicated system, like ehealth102, it is also used in the same places as EHR. EMR is a part of EHR as a whole

d. PHR

PHR stands for Personalised Health Records, it is same like EHR but the only difference is that in this case the records are held and access by the patient individually and it cannot be accessed by the institutions like clinics or hospitals, etc until and unless the patient himself wants to share it, it is really important to have a PHR of all the files and reports of a patient, ehealth102 provides the service of PHR completely free and it is user-friendly

e. MHealth

mHealth is the use of mobile technology in the health care industry, for instance, circulating of a message across mobile devices to spread awareness about certain diseases, etc is an example of mHealth

2. Process of eHealth

now that we have learned a few terminologies related to eHealth and online health records lets understand the process of eHealth

let us start right from birth, nowadays in this technology and the internet-driven world we are surrounded by machines and devices even before we are born, like UGC or Ultrasound, etc. all these files of the baby are in digital format right at the source and it is recorded and stored in the clinics or hospitals system or on the internet they keep the data for say 5-15 year or maybe even longer depending on each case.

These records are stored under the individuals’ unique identification may it be a patient id or mobile number connected to patient id or any other code, and next time when you visit the clinic or hospital they have your past record on their screen which helps them to understand you much better and treat you more effectively and cautiously such data recorded and stored on the system or on the cloud and this whole process of digitization of medical records is eHealth

3. Advantages of using eHealth

now if you are wondering why is eHealth helpful and why should one use it? understand few major advantages of eHealth and specifically PHR

a. Safe and secure

All your medical records and health data are completely safe and secure in the system or on the cloud, it is recommended to use a system which gives you password-protected access like ehealth102, it gives a layer of security and ease to access to an authorized person

b. Categorized and organized

online medical records which are tagged properly can be easily classified and sorted as per the different options available by the provider, in this case, ehealth102 provides you with multiple options like sorting it according to date (ascending to descending or vise Versa), type (reports, bills, discharge summary, prescriptions, etc) or category (heart operation, diabetes, kidney stone, fever, etc), one can even search it by the name of the doctor or any specific notes added, it makes finding reports much easier as compared to traditional file keeping method

c. No misplacement or damage of reports

reports that are stored in PHR or eHealth system are just like keeping shares in Demat form rather than physical form, it is easy to receive and send also there is no fear of losing or misplacing them, also they do not tend to wear and tear due to years of storage, neither do they hold any physical space in your living

d. download & print

all the reports that are stored on this system can be viewed easily from anywhere at any time and also they can be downloaded and printed from anywhere as per users convenience

e. sharing of reports

there was a time when people use to travel across village and cities or even countries to get a consultation and show their test reports but these days it looks like such a waste of time and money to do all this when the goal of sharing the report with the doctor and get consultation can be achieved by a simple click of a button and that too for free, imagine sending your reports can be as easy as sending an SMS, try it now

d. easy access to reports

what would you do if you meet with an accident on a family vacation, and the doctors at the remote hospital asks for your past records so that he can check and treat you correctly and cautiously, like say you have an allergy to certain medicine, how will the remote doctor know if he has not seen your reports? how would you get a photo of your reports when no one it at home? how much crucial time will it take to get the reports from home or repeat the old tests?
to save you and your family from this hassle and save some time in case of emergency it is highly recommended to store your records on ehealth102
you can simply log in from any computer or mobile device with internet access and view, download, print or share at any time from anywhere across the globe

4. Cautions to be taken while using eHealth

although eHealth and its system are safe and secure as it is completely digital and online there is always a threat of cybercrime and cyber theft, hackers can find a loop if you are not cautious while using the system, they can hack into your data and may misuse your data to earn money

so here are some steps you must take care while using any EHR system OR PHR system

a. make sure you set an alphanumeric password which is unique and very difficult to figure out

b. make a habit of changing your password say every 6 months or whenever you fear a threat

c. make sure you log out completely before moving away from the desk

d. if you are accessing it from an unknown device, then make sure you untick remember me on that site

these are basic pointers to keep your health data and online health records safe from hackers

5. Current usage of eHealth system

eHealth as per records was first coined in the year 2000. since then it has been spreading across the world among the doctors, the hospitals and the pathologies, these institutions have adapted this technology with both the hands as it is a big step in the health and IT sector,

currently, eHealth is in use in most of the countries and by a maximum of at least 70% doctors around the globe while all the doctors are strongly recommending to adopt these practice
eHealth systems are used in the leading hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, laboratories, pathologies, and many other places

6. Tools to use eHealth

there are certain tools to eHealth like

a. internet (to transmit information)

b. server and hosting (to store and record data)

c. EHR software (the easy user interface which is the end face of eHealth)

d. PHR software (the personalized health recorded for patients end)

7. best application or software for PHR

the best website to store ones medical records online is
eHealth102 , it is fast and has the simplest user interface which can be operated even by a layman, it has all the features listed above and many more like SMS and email alerts, etc
it is completely free to use unlike other Softwares
it is completely website based to it is simple to use, no need to download or add any plugins, etc, just log in from anywhere by simply putting in your mobile number or email id and password combination

so if you want to keep your medical records on a PHR system just signup on and insure your self from all the trouble and tension-free of cost

join now!!!

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