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We normally hear a lot of misconception about our hair, skin and food in our day to day life. We also tend to start believing it based on our experiences. Those myths are been around us for so long that, we’ve accepted as scientific fact. Throughout my journey, I have always discovered that something work and somethings don’t. Knowing the difference between Health Myth & Facts can lead to better decision making for our body. More importantly, based on our research in the below article, we have listed some of the Health Myths & Facts.

Health Myths and Facts
Health Myths and Facts


Stress turns your hair gray:

If that is considering truth, then we would’ve started getting grey hair from our school days. There no evidence that stress turns it grey, it is due to Genetic disorder or ageing. As we grow, it naturally produces less melanin (the molecules responsible for the hair colour) which causes new hair to come in Gray. Stress over time may accelerate the greying process, but there is no such result indicating a cause-and-effect relationship. Extreme stress leads to growth phase ahead. So why to stress over it?

Frequent hair washing or shampooing damages the hair

Does less washing imply fewer possibilities for breakage? This is wrong as the hair is at its most advantageous and healthiest when it’s groomed and cleaned! Wash the hair in the limit. Scalp generates dead cells, excess oil and bacteria the same as our facial skin. It builds up due to our daily activity at our workplace or riding an activa/bike. How often to wash our hair is completely dependant on the hair type, hairstyle, and lifestyle. In the event that your hair is slick at the roots, wash it. If not, skip washing until it begins to feel oily once more. If it’s left unwashed for more than two days, then it leads to dandruff and irritation.

Hair oiling mistakes we do in our day to day life:

  • Vigorous massage after applying oil instead of gentle massage.
  • Using hot oil instead of warm oil.
  • Keeping oil for more than 7-8 hours on your scalp before washing it off.
  • Combing your hair right away after oiling.
  • Using your fingernails while applying oil to the roots instead of fingertips/cotton.

Eating Oily food or chocolates causes acne and oily skin.

Skin is our biggest organ and something we may underestimate when it’s healthy. The fact is that oily sustenance called sebum causes acne. It’s made and emitted by the skin. Eating a high-fat eating Chocolate is unfortunate for some reasons, yet it doesn’t cause skin acne. Actually, there’s no proof that a particular food causes skin break out.

Children need to drink milk to build strong bones and teeth.

False! Vegetables are actually a much better source of calcium. And despite the “conventional wisdom”, also known as dairy industry propaganda, high intakes of milk are linked to higher rates of osteoporosis.

Here’s how some common food sources stack up on calcium levels.
  • Sesame seeds, ¼ cup: 351 milligrams
  • Sardines (with bones),3 ¾ -ounce can: 351 milligrams.
  • Tofu,3 ½ ounces:350 milligrams
  • Yoghurt,1 cup: 296 milligrams
  • Collard Greens,1 cup: 268 milligrams
  • Mustard Greens,1 cup: 165 milligrams
  • Cow’s Milk, 8 ounces 276 milligrams
  • Turnip greens, 1 cup: 197 milligrams

White Marks on nails indicates Calcium Deficiency :

It’s a False. Nails are made in the nail network, a region under the skin at the top edge of your nail. In the event that the network is damaged, knock or chomped, an abnormality in the creating nail happens and air can get caught. This shows up as a white imprint as the nail becomes out. Calcium is significant for solid nails (just as bones and teeth), however, these white imprints are not an indication of insufficiency.

Myth-Drinking more milk helps to increase breast milk production:

While drinking plenty of fluids is always a recommendation for general good health. But it is not necessary to drink milk to make milk. In fact, it doesn’t increase your production any more than eating a well-balanced diet. La Leche League states: “A healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, grains and protein is all that a mother needs to provide the proper nutrients to produce milk. Calcium can be consumed from a variety of non-dairy foods.

Some of the basic Myths and Facts:

Myth   Facts
Your sight deteriorates if you read in the dark or on a monitor.Your eyes get tired quickly this way, but recover after rest.
Our heart skips a beat when we sneeze.The hearts rhythm sometimes changes when we sneeze, but it never stops.
Humans only have 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell, tactile sense and taste.We have at least 21 senses. Example: sense of balance and temperature.
Lines on your wrists can say something about your health and even your future.These lines are natural skin folds and can’t say anything about you personality.
Healthy teeth should be perfectly white.A tooth’s natural colour us slightly yellowish.

Here are some of the common misconceptions people have in their life. Most of these myths, I learned after experimenting in day to day life or based on experiences. We can avoid making the same mistakes with them. Let us know if we missed any in the comments below:

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