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Have you tried this to save your Health Records?

access medical records online

access medical records online

With the new normal technology and safety, will you be ready to have your health records in a digital way?

How do people in other countries save their health records?

Let us take a peek onto what are the benefits of Digital Health Records Online and prepare to use this practice.

Gone are days when we use to have one single physician from our childhood to parenthood and to our old age.

Now we keep on switching from one doctor to another because of their specialities.

Unfortunately, that pattern of health records is not been aligned or shared in an organized way. It indicates our duty to have an organized way of maintaining health records.

Maintain Electronic Records Online

There are many benefits to maintaining electronic records. It eliminates the stress of paper files and making it easier to share information.

While on emergency, doctors don’t have to waste time for the new health records of patients who are admitted.

“A lot of things needs to shift online” And switching your physical health records into electronic health, records are one of them.

The idea behind eHealth102 was the absence of a Cloud-Based Medical Record System for the Users and which is managed by the users.

Ehealth102 helps to digitalize all your Health Records such as Discharge summary, Mediclaim Policy, Pathology and Radiology reports and other medical documents on a single platform

Ehealth102 will save all your medical records on to a centralized cloud server, the system is guided by the User and have the whole rights of the documents, thus keeping them in control.

These documents can be used anywhere and anytime by the user and can also be shared with their Healthcare Professionals and Family Members.

The benefit of using EHealth102 gives the user complete independence to walk into a Healthcare Facility and discuss their health without the hassle of caring the ‘n’ number of documents.

view my medical records online mumbai

Benefits of Ehealth102:

  1. Easy Accessibility: The portal allows you to access your medical records online anytime and anywhere.
  2. Well Organised: All the documents that you upload are organised and
    filtered for ease of use.
  3. Faster Sharing: eHealth102 can let you share your health record with your Physician and other Healthcare Professionals on a click of a button.
  4. Cost-effective: It’s completely free of cost service, which will also help you to save your money on repetitive health testing.

If you want to save your health records from losing of fire, burglary or getting misplaces, then you should upload and store it only on It’s completely free and easy to use!


  1. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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