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How to store Medical Reports Online-during Pandemic Covid-19?
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Have you tried this to save your Health Records?

How Is Your LIFE Going to Affect POST LOCKDOWN

Life Post Locdown

Life Post Locdown

Current Situation of Pandemic

A deserted view of our lanes for months is the least that you must have ever excepted. During historical times, all you must have ever heard about the curfew were the gunshots and people screaming all over. But to our surprise, we are enjoying nature. We hear birds chirping while we wake up, we see dolphins playing in the Arabian Sea, Peacock dancing in our lawn, and much more. The ozone layer is cleaner than ever, Global Warming is reducing; Pollution levels are falling, and of course, clear skies to ponder.

One thing you will never be able to answer our future generation is, “How you managed to survive this lockdown?” And you will never know if the storm is over yet. 

Change is Inevitable but Progress is a choice. Nothing will ever be the same and will you be able to cope up with the new normal? 

post lock-down you need to be more digitized

Post-Lockdown everyone will get busy with coping up with the new normal. Health and Hygiene laws will be re-evaluated. Digitalization will take over from every aspect, Work from home is the new norm, consulting a Doctor and Education is Virtual, Pubs and restaurants are close, Health care becomes an obligation and social distancing will be the new unity. 

Health Reports online
Health Reports online

This world is becoming digital and we need to alter ourselves to that too. During the pandemic, it has become difficult to consult a doctor. Clinics are close and hospitals are not allowing new patients; video calling is the new trend. But having an account on ehealth102 makes it easy to share the reports.

Need for Medical records online to Consult a Doctor

Having all health records online along with the family members in one platform is very beneficial. Because Post-Lockdown health issues are going to be very serious with the fear of corona always on the back of your mind. During this fear, if you ever need your Medical records handy than it will easy for you to get it directly from ehealth102. “Records can be access anywhere around the world and it will be share instantly,” Said one of our clients. 

Family and your safety are very important. Because will be better if we avoid public gathering and social distancing for a while. Also, Switch to the digital world and keep your health reports in one place. This will help you to avoid the hassle of looking for it all over the place. 

The above-mentioned things are a small part of the huge switch. We must start accepting the “New Normal”. We must also do our part for a better living tomorrow. Start Preparing and planning for a safe and prosperous Tomorrow. To understand the concept of new normal, then, please Subscribe and see the below video.

Do share your comments and views about this new normal!

Coronavirus will change our life for long period, to be prepared store all your family medical history at one place. Record medical reports with eHealth102

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