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How online medical records can save your life

How online medical records can save your life


The website helps medical professionals to view all your reports through the website. It also makes it easier to take quick and apt decisions in emergency cases, Thanks to eHealth102. The information can be exchange within a wink of an eye. eHealth102 helps to prepare a customized approach for treating each of the patients because every ailing person needs special care.

The website is highly responsive. It allows both the patients as well as the doctors to view the lab reports as soon as once uploaded. You can fully trust these reports as they are reliable and accurate. The healthcare app also has features that allow the patients or people to monitor their health on a personal level. You can check the important health initials such as measuring the weight, blood sugar level. Blood pressure, heartbeat, cholesterol level, etc. To take timely action if it increases or decreases. In addition, they can also get information about important healthcare tips from time to time through push notifications.

The situation of Mr Anand Mehta

Like in the case of Mr. Anand Mehta who is suffering from high blood pressure. The website helps him send push notifications to monitor his blood pressure every 4 hours and sends a reminder to take his medication on time daily. Earlier there were days when he used to forget the timely check-up or prescriptions on time. But an Online Internet Health Report has changed the system completely. Notifications are also sent for scheduling doctor’s appointments and reminders for the same. He just can’t imagine what he would do without this website. It was a lifesaver for him.

During the earlier days, we heard a lot of cases where the patients had to even endanger their lives due to an error in the diagnostic approach. But eHealth has nullified all such possibilities that became life-threatening for any patient.

Since the doctors receive an accurate report of the patient’s health condition, it helps them to prescribe the most accurate medicine with the right dosage and chemical compositions. They can even store the patient’s notes with cloud facilities. Even the medical staff can keep the record of the patients in a more precise manner and enter the essential data without making any mistakes. All these factors tend to enhance the engagement of patients more. Plus, they can also know which medicine has been prescribed for which disease and what its side effects are.

If you have not registered yet on eHealth, then sign up now as it will be beneficial in all the above-mentioned ways. 


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