Difference Between emr and ehr
What is the difference between EHR and EMR?
medical records management mumbai
How to store Medical Reports Online-during Pandemic Covid-19?

How staying at home will it reduce Coronavirus Pandemic?

medical records management mumbai

medical records management mumbai

The coronavirus pandemic is at your doorstep. Think you’ll be fine? Think this lockdown business is a major overcompensation? Reconsider.

Coronavirus Pandemic Solutions

 You have a basic task to carry out in easing back the spread of the new coronavirus. Fortunately little changes in close to home conduct can purchase time. By easing back the episode, keeping medical clinics from turning out to be overpowered. It will also help in lessening cases until researchers create medications and, in the end, and immunization. Here’s some reasonable guidance from specialists and general wellbeing specialists to secure yourself and your locale. The purpose of the blog is to make it simple by maintaining Social Distance.  

The casualty rate is low. However, the reality remains that it is possibly lethal – and not just for the old and those with previous conditions. There are stresses that contaminated individuals without side effects or gentle ones are transmitting the ailment to scores of others. Fundamental cleanliness practices and social distancing procedures – remaining, at any rate. A meter away from individualsobeying lockdown orders, and not venturing out except if it’s significant. It gives us a fantastic possibility of containing the spread before our health framework is overpowered.


The main way communities are trying to slow the virus is to practice social distancing. Try to keep six feet of personal space in public areas. It helps to avoid flying droplets from a sneeze or cough. Droplets carry the virus which can travel about that distance. Avoid cramped workspace and standing shoulder to shoulder with people in bars or subways. The C.D.C. recommends no gatherings larger than 10 people in places with minimal to moderate spread. And also no gatherings of any size in harder-hit areas. Hundreds of millions of people in more than a dozen states have been ordered to stay home. Except for essential trips like getting groceries or walking the dog is allowed. 

While some people are practicing “social monogamy” — socializing with only one set of trusted friends. But public health experts are now discouraging even that much contact. “Even if you choose only one friend to have over, you are creating new links and possibilities for the type of transmission. All of our school/work/public event closures are trying to prevent,” said Dr. Asaf Bitton, the executive director of Ariadne Labs at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “The symptoms of coronavirus take four to five days to manifest themselves. Someone who comes overlooking well can transmit the virus.”


 Tourism warnings are changing continuously. Outskirts are shutting, carriers are dropping flights — and don’t consider going on a voyage. You cannot at present travel via plane, train, and vehicle. However, the hazard is that the flare-up is moving quickly and conditions can change rapidly. Individuals more than 65 and those with medical problems should remain at home.

 In a preventive measure, the government has imposed a nationwide lockdown for 21 days beginning March 25. Reiterating the importance of social distancing Prime Minister Narendra Modi said nobody should step out of their homes. In these 21 days no matter what to stop the spread of the virus.

Thank you for reading our article and we request you the same by following all these major guidelines. We at ehealth102 make sure that everyone follows the same, as we are fighting against these odds. We hope the winner will be ours soon!

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