can you access medical records online
Adoption of online medical records – India
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How to prevent tooth decay in infants


advantages of medical records online

advantages of medical records online

how to add medical records online
how to add medical records online

To view medial records online you have to first add them or request them from the institution who hold them in their records for eg. hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and others.

So here, we share the steps of how to add Health records online for your personal access and you can even share it with your loved ones or your physician.

Step 1 – How to sign up on ehealth102

There is only one site in India which allows you to sign in and upload Health records online for free.

So visit eheath102 it is one of the best website based electronic health recorders for patients and users to access Health records online from anywhere at any time by just a few clicks.

Step 2 – register as a new user for ehealth102 (online health records)

Find out the sign-in button on the top right-hand corner of the page, and click on it, you will find a page as shown below and click on sign up

Welcome to eHealth102

Step 3 – Log in to ehealth102 to store health records online

fill in the form with all the details like First Name, Last Name, Email, Passwords, 10 digits mobile number, and then click on Get OTP, and within seconds an OTP will be sent to your given mobile number, type in the OTP in the last blank and click sign up and you are free to use ehealth102 account has been created

Sign up on eHealth102

Step 4 – Fill up and upload health records online

This is how your profile home page will look like

Click on reports in the side menu and choose my reports here you can add / view/share reports very simple, it is so user-friendly and easy to use that anyone with basics can do it on their own

Medical Records Online

You can even sort filter and categories each report according to your Doctor name, Date, report type, etc

All the best and do recommend your loved ones to store their reports online too

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