How to store Medical Reports Online-during Pandemic Covid-19?

medical records management mumbai
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How to store Medical Reports Online-during Pandemic Covid-19?

medical records management mumbai

medical records management mumbai

If your doctor retired, you’re migrating to a new city or you decided to finally switch to a caregiver who is a better fit. For that, you have to get a grip of your old medical records. No idea where to begin? 

It is always a challenge to have all the health records in one place. All the pieces of information scattered among the office, home and some at other places. The following health records are being filled at all the following places. 

What is the purpose of health records? 

There is a need to have ways to share our medical records to respective Doctors or Consultants. The only way to have facilitated this is to have something to save, share and download them on quickly basis. Having medical records online will help the Doctors to reach an accurate diagnosis immediately. Yet, this will reduce the burden of carrying the bulk files.

Digital records will reduce the cost of paper, printer and other miscellaneous expenses. It will help the Hospital to save a lot of money and time. It will reduce the time of staff on assembling, finding and errors of health records. Data will be accessible at the opportune time. 

At the point when a patient is under the consideration of various specialists, following their history, including sensitivities, blood classification, current meds, past systems and other pertinent data, can be tricky while depending on paper outlines. The utilization of electronic medical report (EMR) online permits different consideration suppliers, paying little heed to area, to at the same time get to a patient’s record from any devices (Mobile, Ipad, and Laptop). The electronic health records (EHR) of the patient, including current test outcomes and the suggestions of different doctors, permitting progressively to analyse the patient with joint effort.

Health Care Solutions India

eHealth102 do all those things—and more.  eHealth102 focuses on the total health care of the patient—going beyond standard clinical data collected in the provider’s office and inclusive of a broader view of an online patient portal. eHealth102 helps to collect medical records from health organization and store the information. It supports to share information with other health care providers, such as laboratories and specialists, so they contain information from all the clinicians involved in the patient’s care. The information moves from patient to anyone without any boundaries.

 eHealth102 represents the ability to share medical reports among doctors and loved ones. And that makes all the difference. When information is transfer in a secure way, it becomes more powerful to consult a doctor.

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